Creating Together

Celebrating over 225 years of excellence


The most knowledgeable bodyshops around the globe seeking a premier paint solution choose Sikkens.

As part of AkzoNobel, one of the world’s leading coatings manufacturers, the growth of our customers' businesses is a core business focus and ties directly with the Sikkens positioning statement 'Creating Together'.

Creating together is fueled by the power of partnership and backed by a rich heritage of over 225 years of excellence. It brings together expertise, innovation, performance, and partnership, creating business value and a competitive edge.

Creating Expertise Together

Founded by painter Wiert Willem Sikkens in 1792, a century before the first vehicle was even introduced, Sikkens has always been at the forefront of technological advancement.

Sikkens is one of the world’s leading refinish coatings brands. It is used in over a hundred countries, has dedicated innovation and development labs, and training and development institutes where thousands of world-class painters have been trained.

Over the years, we have gained an unparalleled understanding of the collision repair industry, ensuring that our knowledge and expertise are always aligned with the ever-changing demands and needs of the market.

Creating Innovation Together

As a market leader delivering firsts for over 225 years, Sikkens is dedicated to providing our customers with the latest in product innovation – in both business and environmental sustainability, and color. The continuous improvement of the Sikkens vehicle refinish system is a direct result of our ‘Creating Together’ philosophy, as well as our dedicated effort to stay ahead of dynamic market trends.

Sikkens has a long heritage and history of innovation in product, sustainability and color, resulting in a market-leading portfolio. Benefits generated by our process of innovation, ultimately lead to performance excellence.

Creating Innovative Products Together

Creating innovation together has resulted in a portfolio of process-driven products that help reduce cycle time and inventories for our bodyshop customers, ultimately resulting in lower business costs and improved profitability.

Creating Sustainability Together

We also recognize the importance of environmental sustainability when selecting a premier refinish system. Focus on sustainability is a key element of AkzoNobel’s strategy and has led to innovations in the Sikkens portfolio, such as our market-leading waterborne technology, Autowave, UV curing products and an assortment of low-VOC clearcoats and primers.

Creating Innovations in Color Together

We know that having quick, easy and accurate access to color matching is critical to achieving optimal throughput and cycle time. That is why capturing new, continuously evolving and complex colors visible on today's vehicles is a critical factor in the robustness of the AkzoNobel car color database – a database that has over 2,000,000 color formulas.

Creating Performance Together

From start to finish, we deliver the highest quality in everything we do. Innovative and sustainable products, services and color are just the start – it is the combination of our products, partnerships and people that ultimately create business value.

Our team of experts have a rich understanding of the collision repair industry and know which elements are top of mind. We create performance together through a total offering that focuses on helping to improve customer satisfaction, paint usage, repair cost and time-per-repair.

Creating Partnership Together

For Sikkens, creating partnership goes beyond solving business challenges and developing new products. It is about forging long-term relationships with our customers, distribution partners, suppliers, OEMs and other industry influencers, to share and build on our combined knowledge and expertise.

Creating together is a core value shared by the Sikkens team around the globe. Working hand-in- hand with our partners gives us a unique insight into the increasing demands and challenges they face. Backed by Sikkens and powered by AkzoNobel, our customers can deliver outstanding results, creating a strong foundation for future growth and business sustainability.

Sikkens - a market leader of firsts for over 225 years