Your Digital Color Solution

MIXIT is AkzoNobel’s leading digital color identification and retrieval application. It is the fastest and easiest way to find your right color online. Users benefit from immediate access to our global color database of more than 2 million formulas, updated in realtime with new colors and variants. MIXIT is driven by our most sophisticated algorithms, delivering fast and accurate search results. The interface design is clean and simple making it very user friendly. MIXIT seamlessly integrates our spectrophotometer – Automatchic – and your smart scale, for a smooth, hassle-free process every time.

Any color, any device, anytime, anywhere
MIXIT is a web application, making it accessible from any device anywhere, at any time. All data and software updates are done instantly. This saves time as there is no need for manual updates. All data is safely stored in the cloud, even if your computer’s hard drive malfunctions.

More than color retrieval
MIXIT is constantly being refined and improved by AkzoNobel’s team of color experts and technicians. New features are regularly added to enhance the workflow for painters and provide new functionalities for managers.

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Find your color quick and easy with MIXIT

Visit Mixitcloud.com