Accelerate color mixing
with ColorMatchic

Accurate, Efficient, Sustainable

A fully integrated process


Measure color with AkzoNobel’s Automatchic spectrophotometer


Select color formula from the cloud-based color software MIXIT


Mix the selected color with the highest accuracy in under 5 minutes with ColorMatchic

Reduces material cost

Drives sustainability

Saves time

Increases productivity

At a glance

  • Fully automated mixing
  • Calibrated for Sikkens and Lesonal premium waterborne product assortment
  • Integration with MIXIT color retrieval cloud application
  • Complete mix in less than 5 minutes on average
  • Down to 40ml dosing possible
  • Dosing mechanism up to 0.015 per shot, one third of a drop of water

More accurate

  • Dosing mechanism up to 0.015ml per shot ensures the highest color accuracy for each mix.
  • Exact reproducibility (when you need additional amounts of paint to complete a job).

More efficient

  • While the painter is in the booth, the machine doses the mix for the next job, maximizing your sold hours and accelerating throughput, ultimately increasing profitability. 
  • Eliminate mixing errors due to overdosing. No valuable labor time is lost in mixing again or redoing the paint job. 

Less waste

  • No material loss by eliminating mixing errors, hence reducing waste.
  • Ability to mix smaller quantities, down to 40ml, saves material and reduces waste.

Technical details

  • 3 carousels, each with 28 canisters of 1.2L and 4 canisters of 4.3L.
    Total capacity for 96 toners.
  • Automatic stirring to prevent sedimentation of toners.
  • Long-term preservation of toners due to single-direction valves and seals.
  • Easy maintenance patented nozzle technology. Purge-free and residue-free.
  • Two-digit precision scale for the highest accuracy

Accelerate color mixing
with ColorMatchic

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