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Colorbuild Plus

Täyden väriskaalan filleri, hiottava ja märkää märälle (myös suoraan muoveille)

Product Description
High-build, two-component acrylic primer mixing system. Six base colors allow the mixture of a wide range of primer tints. This saves topcoat as the optimum coverage is achieved more quickly. Depending on the additives selected, it can be used not only as a sanding primer but also as a wet-on-wet primer.


Multipurpose · straightforward processing · excellent fl ow · fast-curing · good sanding properties · wide application window in relation to repair size and temperature. The use
of the correct shade of primer saves topcoat usage and minimizes the visibility of stone chipping · also available in light and dark grey · intermixable. Directly applicable to
thoroughly cleaned, original, new KTL-primed parts = shortens preparation times by up to 50%.


Can also be directly applied wet-on-wet together with Colorbuild Plus Plastic Additive to all plastics most commonly used in the automotive industry (with the exception of pure
PE + PP). The practical Sikkens Colorbuild Plus fan deck facilitates fast and straightforward selection of the requisite shade of basecoat.

Product Name Packsize Box Quantity
Colorbuild Plus Black 3 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus Blue 1 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus Green 1 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus Red 1 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus White 3 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus Yellow 1 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus Dark Grey 3 ltr. 2

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