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Autosurfacer Rapid

Nopeasti ilmakuivuva, isosyanaatiton 2K-filleri

Product Description
Two-component primer with fast air- and spraybooth-curing properties. Ideal for all standard repairs and for spot repairs on steel, zinc-plated steel, aluminum and existing coats of paint. Can be used for sanding and wet-on-wet applications.

High-build· isocyanate-free · fast air- and spraybooth-curing qualities · easy application with excellent sanding properties · available in light and dark grey.

Product Name Packsize Box Quantity
Autosurfacer Rapid Dark Grey 3 ltr. 2
Autosurfacer Rapid Light Grey 3 ltr. 2
Autosurfacer Rapid Light Grey 1 ltr. 2

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