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We at AkzoNobel always strive to develop the best and innovative practices in the repair process, we are concerned with the sustainability of our customers' business by offering differentiated solutions to help them achieve excellent results.

Acoat Selected

The Acoat Selected program is a solution developed by AkzoNobel to help grow your business and also to cooperate with the day to day of your workshop, bringing sustainable results in the present and future. The program consists of a diverse portfolio of tools, training, solutions for continuous business improvement, and customer development.

One of our main concerns is to ensure that Acoat Selected member has a clear vision of the future, having excellent results in the present. Through the exchange of best practices used globally by the Acoat Selected program, you will always receive firsthand the news being practiced in the world of automotive refinishing. As it already works in Europe and the USA, your workshop will be recognized as a market reference workshop offering Acoat Selected member a competitive advantage and opportunity to increase its client base and operate with better results. Insurance companies, rental companies, dealers and vehicle owners have complete confidence in Acoat Selected bodyhops.

Know how your business is doing and how it can be increasingly profitable

If you want to improve your workshop profitability, have a vision of the future and ensure the sustainability of your business be an Acoat Selected member. This is a service that serves our Sikkens brand customers.

Whether you are looking to grow your business or improve your daily operations, the Acoat Selected team of consultants offers a customized solution package to help you grow your business more effectively and, above all, most cost effective way.

Contact our Sikkens Business Development Service department for more information about the program:

Fabiano R. C. Escalhuze
Phone: +55 (11) 2167 1739 / +55 (11) 99121 1701

Exclusive Training Acoat Selected

Acoat Selected Members have the opportunity to learn and develop by improving their knowledge and the skills of their employees, through the various training modules offered exclusively to participating members and thus enabling the evolution of their performance and profitability.

  • Fast Body Shop
  • Plastic Parts Repair
  • New Body Shop Techniques
  • Repair of aluminum parts
  • Good Budgeting Practices I

Standard Sikkens Technical Training Services:

Technical training services

Contact our consultant o Help desk area for more information on dates and availability:

Fabiano R. C. Escalhuze
Phone: +55 (11) 2167 1739 / +55 (11) 99121 1701


Take advantage of the vast knowledge within the Acoat Selected network and become a member today.

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