Technical Training Services

Sikkens offers a wide range of workshops and seminars for technicians, managers, workshop producers and other professionals. We help you identify your training needs. You get real results: fewer errors and complaints, better understanding of the latest technologies, increased sales, and better use of time and materials in the repair process.

Our standard offering includes a wide range of product and technical training.

To name a few:

  • Error Prevention;
  • Autobase Plus Solvent Base Paint System
  • Autowave Water Based Paint System
  • Colorimetry Training
  • Rapid Repair
  • BMT (Workshop Management)

BMT is a training module that aims to improve the management processes of Body & Paint
operations through 3 fundamental pillars:

  • Productivity
  • Revenues
  • Cost control

In this training the student will be able to explore topics such as Labor efficiency, Fixed and Variable Cost Management, Operational Planning, Workflow & Productive Lay Out, Installed Capacity Analysis & Equipment, 5S Program Implementation Basics, Quality Assurance System Rapid Repair concept repair & rollout, plus efficient budgeting techniques.