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As the leading innovator in paints, we are also committed to helping our customers find solutions for their business that help achieve ultimate performance.

Acoat Selected

The Acoat Selected program is the solution to support business growth and help to improve day-to- day operations, resulting in business sustainability. The program consists of a diverse portfolio of tools and solutions from process improvement to talent development to sales and marketing support.

Everything we do is about making sure members of our Acoat Selected program will thrive in the future, not just survive. Through Acoat Selected, our global network of quality repair businesses, you are benefiting from the best. As a member, you'll benefit from recognition as a certified excellent shop. We actively help Acoat Selected members to create a sustainable business - to expand their customer base and achieve higher profits. Insurance companies, vehicle owners, fleet administrators and other work providers trust Acoat Selected shops.

Whether you're looking to grow your business or improve day-to- day operations, the team of Acoat Selected consultants provides a tailor-made portfolio to help you develop your business more effectively and, above all, to make it more profitable.

Take advantage of the vast knowledge within the Acoat Selected network and become a member today.

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