Autosurfacer Optima

Accelerate Repairs

Autosurfacer Optima is a fast-drying filler system that helps bodyshops to accelerate repairs and lower their energy cost. Combining a non-sanding and sanding system, the filler covers all repair needs in wide application and drying conditions from spot to large repairs with excellent corrosion protection.

Lower energy cost

Save up to 85%*

Boost bodyshop productivity

-80% Process time*

Fast drying

It’s fast drying at ambient, infrared and 60°C and can save up to 85% in energy costs compared with conventional fillers.*

One-stop application

It requires no flash-off between full layers and contributes to 80% shorter process times.*

Excellent Corrosion Protection

No pretreatment with wipes or wash primer needed.

Low paint consumption

High film build reduces paint consumption and paint waste for a more sustainable repair.

*Compared to a conventional filler requiring pre-treatment and 60°C curing.

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