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Sikkens' campaign encourages vehicle refinishers to 'Rethink' sustainability


Sikkens, a premium refinishes brand of AkzoNobel is launching a new campaign aimed at encouraging vehicle refinishing businesses to ‘Rethink’ sustainability throughout the entire refinishing journey.

The ‘Rethink’ campaign shows how re-evaluating the products, tools and processes used within a bodyshop during a repair process can contribute to achieving carbon emissions reductions, saving energy and reducing waste.

It also demonstrates how bodyshops can create sustainable business performance by applying a process-driven, digital approach to increase the efficiency of their operations and empower their people.

And it shows how new thinking is leading to the evolution of innovative measurement and monitoring tools, including a bespoke CO2eRepairCalculator to accurately measure the
CO2e emissions associated with the paint process.

The campaign highlights the drive towards developing coatings that can be cured faster at lower temperatures which help to reduce CO2e emissions. Sikkens’ ambient curing system, for example, can reduce CO2e emissions by up to 27% compared to a ‘conventional’ system. In a world that is much-focused on a carbon-neutral future, the adoption of such technologies is giving vehicle refinishing businesses a head start over their competitors.

The campaign explores the role of digital tools such as MIXIT™ to reduce paint waste by up to 20% and to achieve right-first-time color match. While AkzoNobel’s Carbeat™ digital production management tool not only improves bodyshop efficiency but importantly empowers the workforce encouraging more engagement and input to the repair process.

AkzoNobel’s future innovation, the CO2eRepairCalculator, is being developed in collaboration with CarbonNeutral Repair, a PAS2060 bodyshop certification company, to validate the energy and CO2e and VOC emissions calculations generated during a controlled ‘two-panel repair’.

Patrick Bourguignon, Managing Director of AkzoNobel’s Automotive and Specialty Coatings business, says that ‘Rethink’ is both a challenge and, more importantly, a call to action: “Our campaign is designed to encourage vehicle refinishers to rethink how they see sustainability, the products and tools they use and the processes they follow. It is to rethink sustainability throughout the entire refinishing journey, at every touch point. And it reflects our wider People Planet Paint ambition to reduce energy use, carbon emissions, VOCs and waste, while increasing our use of renewable energy and materials.”

“It is also to show how in doing so they will not only be contributing to reduce the impact on the environment, and addressing the needs of their stakeholders, but they will also be further improving their business performance.”

Patrick says it is also about ‘Rethinking’ what they know of Sikkens: “Sikkens is much more than simply a product in a can, but rather a brand delivering a range of premium products, innovative services and technologies and expert knowledge, and who will be their partner in achieving their sustainability ambitions.

“It is a brand that is rightfully proud of its collaboration with CarbonNeutral Repair and the global recognition for our CO2eRepairCalculator from a recognized PAS2060 certification company.”

The Sikkens ‘Rethink’ campaign has started ( It complements AkzoNobel’s company sustainability initiative, People. Planet. Paint.

For more information about the CO 2 e emission reductions and the Sikkens products used in an Ambient, UV or Conventional system visit