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Sikkens Autoclear® Mix & Matt 250 Hardener

Hardener designed for use with VOC compliant Autoclear Mix & Matt 250.

Autoclear Mix & Matt 250 is a two-component,
intermixable, multi-purpose matt clearcoat designed
for regulated markets. It can be applied over both
Autowave and Autobase Plus.

This clearcoat is conveniently designed for total resprays or edge-to-edge applications. The assortment consists of two
clearcoats – a semi-gloss and matt finish – which can
be mixed to achieve a variety of gloss levels, and a
hardener and reducer.
1 US Quart

  • Easy to apply
  • Unmatched uniformity of appearance
  • Provides multiple gloss levels
  • Smooth appearance and feel
  • Compliant in all regulated markets

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Safety information database (SDS)