Autoclear Aerodry

Release profits with a more flexible workflow

The best of both worlds

To maximize productivity and profits from your bodyshop operation, you need speed and flexibility. Sikkens Autoclear Aerodry is an innovative clearcoat developed to combine the best of both those worlds in one product.

You are free to decide between different drying methods, according to your repair size and workflow needs. Options range from baking for just 5 minutes at 60°C to drying at ambient temperature for 45 minutes. Whichever you choose, this robust product delivers the premium gloss finish quality you would expect from Sikkens – every time.


Features Benefits
Choice of drying methods:
  • Fast drying option (5 mins at 60°C)
  • Ambient drying option* (45 mins at 20°C)
Flexibility in workshop operation:
  • Increased throughput and efficiency
  • Freed-up booth capacity
  • Lower energy costs
  • Improved workflow
  •  Premium gloss and flow
  • Process reliability
  •  Simple mixing ratio (100:100) by volume or weight and easy miscibility of components
  • Fast and easy mixing
  • Less risk of error
  • Good homogeneity in ready-to-spray product
  • One-stop application possible
  • Process optimization
  • Compact system (one clearcoat and two hardeners)
  • Low stock requirements
  • Compatibility with latest waterborne basecoat generation Autowave MM 2.0
  • The full Sikkens premium experience and benefits

Maximum process efficiency

As well as optimizing utilization of your spray booths, Autoclear Aerodry saves time, energy and labor throughout the repair cycle. A simple 100:100 ratio makes mixing fast and error-free. Spraying and blending are easy and straightforward, and when working on multiple panels there is no need for flash-offs between coats – enabling one-stop application. Polishing is quick and effortless too, so refinishing jobs are completed in the shortest possible time.

Energy savings are greatest in ambient drying, but rapid baking options avoid restriction of productivity and profitability by bottlenecks in your workflow. The overall result of this flexible solution is sustainability, for the environment and your business.

Customer feedback:
”Process efficiency is the key factor for me. With Autoclear Aerodry I can maximise time savings but still enjoy flexibility – and be sure of a premium result every time.”

Release profits with a more flexible workflow
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