Colorbuild Plus

Setting the new standard in undercoats

Sikkens Colorbuild Plus is a multi-functional colored primer system that can be used for both sanding and non-sanding (wet-on-wet) applications. You need only one primer system for any kind of repair. The seven base colors - green, yellow, black, grey, red, blue and white - can be tinted to match the color of the topcoat, helping you save topcoat usage as optimum coverage can be achieved more quickly.

Sikkens Colorbuild Plus can be applied on most substrates, It can also be directly applied wet-on-wet together with Colorbuild Plus Plastic Additive to all plastics most commonly used in the automotive industry (with the exception of pure PE + PP).

Product Name Packsize Box Quantity
Colorbuild Plus Black 3 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus Blue 1 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus Green 1 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus Red 1 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus White 3 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus Yellow 1 ltr. 2
Colorbuild Plus Dark Grey 3 ltr. 2

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