Autobase Plus MM

Superior color vibrancy and long-lasting protection

The Autobase Plus MM basecoat gives you the assurance of a top quality repair job. It is also the perfect choice for an optimal color match. Autobase Plus MM is quick-drying and highly resistant to environment and weather conditions. It is easy to apply, and features excellent coverage, metallic control and sprayability,

When used in combination with our digital color tools, you can be assured of an accurate color match for a wide range of colors -solid, metallic, xyrallic, pearl and special effect colours.

Autobase Plus MM is easy to apply, has a simple mixing ratio, and possesses superb flow and sprayability. High coverage can be attained with minimal paint consumption when using Autobase Plus MM. Exhibiting quick-drying properties, it is also long lasting against harsh environment and weather conditions.

*Ready-mixed option available

Technical data sheet (TDS)

Safety information database (MSDS)