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Autoclear Rapid

Rapid drying and excellent finish

Product Description
A quick drying, two pack medium solid clearcoat especially designed for application on Autobase Plus. A user friendly clearcoat that delivers excellent results in less-than-ideal application conditions like cross flow spraybooths and preparation area. Very quick dust free surface eliminates the need for keeping the vehicle for longer time in the spraybooth which enhances the spraybooth utilization. Autoclear Rapid is polishable in as fast as 1 hour at higher room temperatures.


Has a dust dry time of only 5 minutes. Its speed and great polishability make it suitable for quick turnaround tasks and is robust in all spraybooth conditions. The product is easily
mixed using a dedicated hardener and plus reducers and is easy to use due to its long potlife.


For overnight drying of smaller parts or where spraybooth capacity is limited.

Product Name Packsize Box Quantity
Autoclear Rapid 1 ltr. 6
Autoclear Rapid 5 ltr. 4

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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